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NOW: Frontline (do you believe torture works?)

Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on Frontline’s “Secrets, Politics and Torture” about the CIA’s “Enhanced
Interrogation Program.” If you are tempted to believe that in the fight against
terrorism the “Enhanced Interrogation Program” (torture) was (or is) necessary
in the fight against terrorism; or if you believe it’s possible that it was
or is, PLEASE watch this Frontline program. It illustrates the distortions,
misunderstandings and disinformation that informs our temptation to believe it.

Torture is 100% against both domestic and international law. The laws are
absolute, not conditional, not grey. The laws are iron clad for unqualified
reasons: TORTURE DOES NOT WORK, and it is IMMORAL. Period.
It is also counter-productive to its purposes.
The laws are the result of hard lessons of history learned through the tragedies
of wartime. America made a grave mistake in allowing the CIA program
ever to exist in the first place. Please do not fall prey to the idea
that torture is productive of anything. It is not. Please watch…

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