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Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

It is by strange irony that on September 11, 2001, we faced an outside enemy,
and on January 6, 2021, we came face to face with an inside enemy that threatens
to destabilize our democracy.

I believe our nation’s muscular reaction to 9/11, mixed with complex realities of
the previous decades, widened the pathway to invasion of the U.S. Capitol.  In
watching the recent years unfold, informed by the research for my film about
9/11, January 6 landed like a metaphor exploding.

The testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson to the January 6th Committee
was harrowing while at the same time, unsurprising, given what we’ve seen unfold in
recent years.  For hours later I combed through a large assemblage of notes, yielding
mostly cold comfort. In the morning, with fresher eyes, some hopeful through-lines
inside the weft and weave of those notes emerged.

Today I’m focused…

The videos posted here were chosen for their relevance to our current moment and
their dedication to truth, at times barely audible beneath the din.

As we navigate through our major American and world story, maybe you, like me,
need a way to organize thoughts, calm the nerves, and clarify the cultural and
political shifts connecting NOW: what’s at stake in our democracy; to
THEN: the forces of reaction to 9/11, and WHY: domestic extremism has accelerated

I hope this assemblage of videos will bring positive light during a stressful time.
Please help me share the important cultural voices featured here.  Thank you!

Watch the UNCHECKED film trailer.

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