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All of the Best, America:

Pathways from September 11th to January 6th

It is by strange irony that on September 11, 2001 we faced an outside enemy,
and on January 6th, 2021, we came face to face with an inside enemy that threatens
to destabilize our democracy.

I believe our nation’s muscular reaction to 9-11 mixed with complex realities of
the previous decades, paved the pathways to invasion of the U.S. Capitol.  In
watching the recent years unfold, informed by intensive research for my film about
9-11, January 6th landed like a metaphor exploding.

This week’s harrowing testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson to the January 6th Committee
flooded our collective soul with disgust, and despair.  For hours later, I combed
through a vast assemblage of notes yielding mostly cold comfort. But in the morning,
with fresher eyes, I began to recognize threads inside the weft and weave of those
notes that could offer myself and others comfort.

Yesterday I was fearful. Today I am focused…

I’m digging up videos to post here for their intimacy, immediacy, and dedication
to truth, at times barely audible under the din. These influencers call to our
“better angels,” like Abraham Lincoln did in 1861, when in desperation he urged
our ancestors not to “break our bonds of affection,” as civil war loomed.

We are living a major American, and world, story. Maybe you, like me, need a
way to organize your thoughts, calm your nerves, and clarify the cultural and
political shifts connecting NOW: what is immediately at stake in our
democracy; THEN: the forces of reaction that took hold after 9-11,
and WHY: the reasons those forces have resulted in the acceleration
of extremism domestically.

I hope this assemblage of videos will be helpful during a stressful time.
Please help me share these cultural voices that can see us through.


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