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THEN: Kenneth Roth (what the law says about torture)


Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on Kenneth Roth, attorney and 30-year Executive Director of
Human Rights Watch, who argued strenuously for the rule of law
in the debate about torture: who repeatedly explaine to us that
torture is strictly forbidden across all existing domestic and
international law: that the restriction is absolute. (i.e. the
Eight Amendment of the Constitution, CAT Treaty, Geneva Conventions
and War Crimes Act) In this video, Kenneth Roth speaks about
the 2014 Senate Intelligence Report on the “Enhanced Interrogation
Program. He describes the illegality, and the danger that we now
have a policy, unprecedented in America history, sitting on the shelf,
to be pulled off in the future by unscrupulous, or misguided, actors
in a future administration.

“As Americans, we have a unique advantage in this conflict against
Al Qaeda [terrorism]: our culture. It is a culture we can leverage,
based on tolerance, cultural understanding, intellect, and
integrity. There is no need for torture and abuse.” –Kenneth Roth

Link to the Summary of the Senate Select Intelligence Report of the CIA’s
“Enhanced Interrogation Program”

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