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WHY: Karen Greenberg (subtle tools weakening democracy)


Pathways from September 11th to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on Karen Greenberg, Director of the Center on National Security at
Fordham University. I think of Karen as a “happy warrior.”   She brings
a relaxed and cheerful sensibility to deeply serious subjects.  In this
video she discusses her book, “Subtle Tools,” that shines a light on
how the imprecision of language, combined with secrecy, ushered in
the dangerous over-expansive 9/11 powers still pressing against the
guardrails of our democracy today.  In this interview, Karen breaks
down what is essential to understand about tactics used to bend the
law to its limits, and also past its limits, including the possible
reasons why these breaches occurred.  She brings home the dangers
that we remain vulnerable to until the excessive 9-11 era policies
are seriously reformed.  Until then, the policies remain ripe for abuse.
Karen will fascinate you as she breaks down the roles of language
and secrecy from President G.W. Bush to 45…

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