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NOW: Judge Luttig (the rule of law)


Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

Intro post…

The first post of this blog series is dedicated, first and foremost,
to Judge Michael Luttig, the distinguished conservative judge (Ret.)
whose adherence to the rule of law, the cornerstone of democracy,
saved our nation from falling down its most serious rung of derailment
thus far. At least for now.

We all sense that American democracy, as we’ve known it, is
perched on a precipice. Most of us are struggling to understand
the meandering pathways that have led to the dangers of the present.

It’s overwhelmingly complicated. But one broad, overriding clue
is in the rule of law itself. Because as we know from our founding
documents, the rule of law is the connective tissue that binds
us as Americans, and forms the system of justice that,
notwithstanding its imperfections, produced a system “by the people”
that has been the envy of the world: providing safe harbor and
hope for countless people fleeing injustice and oppression across
the world. Often it’s the first and second generations of Americans
who seem most poignantly devotion to our country. Precisely
because they have lived formerly with those rights denied which
many of us take for granted. The world is watching America in
particular, as authoritarian movements are taking hold in many
other countries.

This series is an attempt to organize thoughts to better understand the
the NOW, THEN and WHY
of forces operating since September 11 that
culminated in January 6th.

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