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THEN: John P. O’Neill (FBI Chief knew al Qaeda, way ahead)


Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on John P. O’Neill, the FBI counter-terrorism chief who died trying
to save people in the North Tower on September 11th unrelenting
determination to defeat al-Qaeda in the lead-up to 9/11 was a study
in prescient, bold and fearless leadership. O’Neill hired Ali Soufan,
Lebanese American, Arabic speaker, who became a lead interrogator
of terrorists. He worked with John on the 1998 East Africa Embassy
bombings investigation, and was the case agent for the 2000 USS Cole
bombing in Yemen. Ali’s work with colleagues on the Cole led
them (unwittingly at that point) to the doorstep of the 9/11 plot
ten months in advance of the disaster.

Had the CIA not withheld from John O’Neill and Ali critical information
they asked for multiple times, both formally and informally, the
day of September 11, in high likelihood, would have evaporated
from history in the hands of the most seasoned al-Qaeda law
enforcement officials in the world. John, may you rest in peace
knowing you were right, and loved.

This trailer will intrigue you, and lead you to a dramatized series on HULU,
based upon Lawrence Wright’s book, “The Looming Tower.”

John O’Neill and Ali Soufan are featured in my film, UNCHECKED, which covers
the lead-up to September 11th and how the FBI was derailed from stopping
the attacks.

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