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NOW: Hina Shamsi (weakening guardrails of law)


Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on video references like the one above, hosted by attorney Hina Shamsi:
for busy people who need summaries, not necessarily entire books to read.
It captures the drastically expanded war powers of the president after
September 11th, unparalleled in American history, and the vastly-expanded
investigative powers of the Patriot Act (a ready-to-go “wish list” set of
provisions repeatedly rejected by Congress in years preceding 2001 due
to its over-reach.)   Reforms have been far less meaningful than we might
want to believe.  Twenty years and two agonizing wars later, we remain in
a vulnerable state of compromised civil liberties under these “9/11 laws”
–ripe for abuse by a potentially unscrupulous executive in the White House.
Hina Shamsi explains the urgency of facing our continuing 9/11 era risks
in a nutshell: “We must keep going…”

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