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NOW: Christian Nationalism


Pathways from September 11th to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on the many Christian and other faith leaders who accept the freedom
of non-believing citizens, such as the host you will see in the video
who embraces his freedom to follow his own conscience. The American
Constitution prohibits the government from advancing or inhibiting
any one religion, which includes the religion(s) that informed the
hearts and minds of those who signed the Declaration of Independence
and drafted the Constitution. They envisioned that freedom from
government interference would be the off-ramp from the religious
tyrannies and wars of history they were determined to avoid.
By honoring another’s freedom of conscience, I preserve my own.
As Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Religion has nothing to fear from the
freest expansion of the human mind.” This video presentation contains
material that some will view as controversial. I think it hits on
important points, and I appreciate that young people are speaking out.

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