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WHY: Andrew McCabe (exonerated)


Pathways from September 11th to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on Andrew McCabe, who stood his ground when he was denied due
process amidst the attacks by 45 for his FBI leadership in the
Russia investigation. He was ultimately not charged, and in 2020
he won back his pension for serving in the FBI for over twenty years.
But only after his family was dragged through the hellish ordeal.
Andrew McCabe was a target in 45’s relentless efforts to denigrate
our institutions: in this case, to “investigate the investigators”
in order to deflect attention from the realities that 45 was,
and is, so determined to keep hidden.

Even more salient than the ordeal endured by McCabe as one individual
is the overall attacks that our institutions endured by 45. It seems we
have duel problems: Many times over since September 11, Wrong-doing by
individuals has not been held to account. While during 45’s reign, our
institutions, broadly speaking, were unjustly under attack almost constantly,
undermining public trust in the institutions themselves. Part of the
authoritarian playbook is to erode that overall trust.

This 2019 video conversation between Andrew McCabe and Stephen Colbert
is comic relief with a dose of sobriety…

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