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NOW: Adam Kinzinger (accountability, Jan 6th)


Pathways from September 11 to January 6th

Today’s focus is…

…on Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), whose youthful strength of character while
under threats to him and his family for serving on the January 6 Committee is
a healing breath of fresh–but also tragic, air. He is young, articulate,
understands what’s at risk, and does it anyway. Hats off to this young American.
Kinzinger is adamant that one essential ingredient is accountability, sorely
lacking for so many years. The lack of accountability goes way back, undoubtedly,
to before September 11th. But after the attacks, secrecy and manipulation of
truth accelerated.

Where do we even begin? How is it that no one was prosecuted for multiple
violations of law in the aftermath of September 11th? How is it that no one
was prosecuted in the aftermath of the financial crisis? How is it that the
head of a CIA torture prison in 2002 was appointed CIA Director in the last
administration? How do we punish serious crimes by the executive branch
without exacerbating political war in a pendulum of vendettas?

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